Happy New Year 2018!

2:35 PM

Wow only four posts last year, that's gonna change!

Last year was crazy, not only in the world but in my behind the blog life as well! I was going to try to push my mental state aside and tough it out for the blog but I realized, that it was no use. I subbcame to my headspace and it got the better of me.

There were a lots of ups and downs and changes last year, so this year I'm going to keep with the same theme of making attainable goals for myself and if things happen they happen if not, I still have my Instagram to keep in touch with you all! I have ideas, like always, and going to share them whenever I can!

I know this is the year of yes, no bull, and hard core self love. I invite you to come along for the ride and hope you have fun too!

Yay 2018!

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