June Favorites!

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Hello my dears! It's been awhile. So, much has happened since I've last been on here, but it's all going to be good feels and vibes over here. Let's get excited about some things that I'm obsessed with and maybe you are too together as we both ignore the crazy world out there for a bit!


I normally do not go all in on things that magazines or YouTubers, especially the beauty ones, tell me "Oh my gosh, you guys have to try this thing out because it's wonderful!" With my history of things like that they never really work, but ever since moving to Michigan I have discovered I have really bad combination skin leaning towards dry patching on my face. Back in Texas, there was so much moisture in the air where I am from that a simple moisturizer, if I decided to put it on, would suffice if my skin was particularly awful and hated me. Comparatively, it is so dry and windy up here that I found that my normal lip balm and moisturizer would not suffice. So, a while back, I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Ingrid Nilsen, (her aesthetic are my goals sometimes and I love watching her talk about things she's passionate about), and she talked about this lip scrub that was amazing for my particular "ailment".

It's by the brand French Girl Organics and it's such a life saver that I can't stress how much I'm in love with it. It's not super oily like other sugar lip scrubs and you don't need that much of it. I use it about every other day to keep my poor lips from being cracked all the time due to the wind up here. To keep the little oils it does have in it to make your lips feel amazingly soft and amazing I pair it with Dr. Lipp's Original Nipple Balm to lock in the moisture. I know it says nipple balm but it's a multi-use balm that I use everyday and it's so amazing. You don't even need a lot of it like I found myself doing with my Burt's Bee lip balms and it stays a long time too.

Of course finding a wonderful product like that lip scrub was too good to be true and I got excited when I found out that French Girl had more products, so of course I tried more of them! Post coming soon about my foray into that realm soon!!


I am lucky to work in a wonderful downtown atmosphere in a posh suburb of Detroit, so when the weather is gorgeous I find myself outside, soaking up the sunshine and nice breeze on my breaks. Though there are too many cute boutiques to name in this area, there is also an Anthropologie and that store has always been my kryptonite since I was 12!

Every once in a while I find myself in there poking around at the home items longing for a more permanent residence that i can transform with Neil and always finding myself in what I call the lotion and potions section. I have a bad obsession with fragrances, always have and always with florals! So of course my most recent poking around led me to a new lotion, the brand is called Fictions. What they did was create four fragrances that were inspired by different major cities and created sweet stories with illustrators and the perfumers around the fragrance and the name. The one I fell for was the Sydney inspired one called: "She Found Quiet In His Wild". It smells gorgeous! It has pear blossom, white ceder, and a little bit of musk. My description doesn't do it justice, so if you find it hiding somewhere try it. It's worth the purchase and makes your hands smell amazing! I have it on right now too!


You know that feeling when you find the most perfect item of clothing and you never not want to be seen in it? Well I found my go to summer top that within the two weeks of owning it I have worn it at least 3 times! This shirt that I pair with my distressed cut off shorts and brown sandals, is so comfy and light with the cute cut outs it has. The texture is almost like a really great beach towel and just feels amazing when you have it on! It's easily my go to outfit for amazing summer days this year!

Those were just a few of my favorites that popped up during my month of June!

Did you like my favorites? What are your June favorites? Leave a comment below!

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