I love you.

10:52 PM

Friday, I am going to wake up when my alarm prompts me to because even though my work day starts later my body likes routine no matter how many times I disrupt it. I am going make sure my lovely boyfriend is up and we are going to give each other the biggest hugs ever, put on clothes, and walk to our local bagel place and order bagels with lox and schemer because that's how we do. After that we will take a long walk hand in hand back to the house where I will gather my stuff and head to work. I will then work my required hours and then Neil will meet up together and have a Friday night date night. Tacos and a movie about how McDonalds got its wings. Then we will head home play last nights "Life In Pieces" and sleep.

What I will not be doing is paying attention to our unfortunate President-Elect become the 45th president of my country. To take the popular phrase, he is not my president.

I was born under Bush 41, grew up with the news of Clinton playing in the background, started to pay attention when George W. became my first war time President. I was raised in a Republican home, but was taught to think and question things I didn't understand. This turned me in to the "yuppie" my beloved family knows me to be.

I have always been a bleeding heart wanting the best for everyone that comes into my life no matter what their background or beliefs. I want people to succeed so much I sacrifice my sanity sometimes. It gets tiring but that's how much I care for the good of others even though my at time crippling anti-socialness wants to differ.

So, when the day came that so many people voted for our soon to be President to be a choice on the ballot, I became scared. I didn't want Hillary because yes she's awesome but everyone put so much baggage on her that I was scared in a different way for her. I wanted Bernie. Not for the free stuff, which I know would have come at a price but not at the pound of flesh that everyone else was putting on it. I loved him because I thought he would have been the kind of radical to shake things up again, for us to become a proper system of checks and balances once more.

I knew it was a long shot but I had hope. Then Hillary became the Democratic choice and I knew she would compromise a little bit and still do a good job.

But having Trump on the ticket was no bueno. I would honestly have any other Republican taking that oath tomorrow because at least they would be diplomatic and calmly hear you out. Not be a flippant crazy person who is so irrational I don't know what to think. This was before him saying awful things and calling women who were traumatized by him awful things and liars.

He's just so crass and so rude that the day after Election Day I cried. I mourned the civility that our highest offices used to represent. I mourned the fact that because he let his gatherings get so out of hand that it is considered an open season by the ignorant on my friends who are different. It was hard.

Now I have read up on his polices and promises because anytime I turned to a debate or interview it was just blatant attacks on his opponents I didn't know what he stood for except racism and building a wall.

Also I feel like he forgot about George W.'s fence and doesn't remember what grief it caused and is still causing people.

Anyway, the points his team made are sound for any Republican candidate, and if he wasn't so shady and awful I would not be upset as I am.

I don't think he realizes that the House and Senate have all the power and they have already started messing up this new session of Congress on their own.

I don't think he realizes that draining the swamp doesn't mean let me put retired/fired Wall Street cronies that were supposedly in Hillary's pocket into seats of government they have NO business even being considered for.

It's clear he didn't think this was going to happen period and his lack of even a dream plan makes me scared because you have to have foresight and preparedness to be my President, or at least talk to your picks about your plans instead of hearing from them that they have no idea what you want.

How can I give him a chance when he doesn't want to tell us anything?

But here we are, on the day of him being sworn in. It's sad that people believe that he's going to keep the veiled promises/threats when they truly believe in him.

All I can say is just do what you can to fight back. Don't do it ignorantly or because it's cool. Do it because you are informed and give a fuck. Make them shake in their boots and help people who can influence for the better and hold him accountable.

I still love that image of Bernie on the Senate floor with blown up tweets of his basically saying when are we doing this? Huh?! HUH?!

For those getting up and out this weekend for either in support for him or against I love you, stay safe, be the best you can be.

Fight the ignorance. Fight for making the world a better place.

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