A Way Back to Zen

10:47 AM

Whenever I have a few particularly trying days and I reach the end of the line with that wonderful day off, I try to turn off my brain as much as possible. Unless that unfortunate task of adulting gets in the way, I normally try to schedule those things out so I know that they are going to happen and that I can plan something completely brainless afterward to ease my poor anxieties about whatever just happened.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

For the days that it does, I like to wake up in the morning and grab my daily vice of coffee. I’ve finally gotten my fix of the good stuff down to at least two cups a day, four if it’s a particularly long day and I’m at work. Coffee over the years has started to show its effects on me by not helping my anxious self out any more than it has to. By weaning myself down to this amount has helped a lot with that crazy racing heart feeling that you get when the caffeine has become too much.

With my beloved caffeine in hand, I try to do a short meditation to get my headspace in check. I do guided meditation with the help of two apps that I have and they really help me get to a place of calm that I like to be in.

If I don’t have a mindless TV show to catch up on I go straight into an at-home yoga practice that helps me center all of the potential bullshit that would be thrown my way that day. I use this amazing app called Yoga Studio that hides out in your app store of choice. To see more about that I have a post from last year that talks about my normal fitness routine if my body is up for it.

This really helps me a lot mainly for the meditation aspect of it. Meditation is not for everyone and I get it, but it really helps me with the controlled breathing and just letting everything go. This for me is a HUGE problem area and some of the time if my body is not already doing it for me, I literally forget to breathe sometimes and don’t realize that I’m holding my breath.

If it’s not a yoga kind of day, I will go straight for the coloring books! I fell HARD for the adult coloring book trend that swept everyone up two years ago and started a small collection of books that I love. I know some people like to give others a hard time for it because they don’t see the relaxing joys it can bring, but for me, it reminds me of when I didn’t have to care about things as much and before I let my poor brain start to overthink everything causing me mental distress. This activity is completely mindless and plus you get to color!

Because I have to be stimulated all the time to fight off the lurking monsters that like to pry their way into my life, I also have a number of books that are always nearby me to just be there in case my mind wanders or I just want to read period. I love reading and unfortunately, I now have to carve time out of my day to make time for it, so it becomes a special thing that makes me feel like I’m visiting old friends.

Whether it be a whole day of completely zening out, or trying to make way for one of these things, any combination of these activities helps me find my calm space and try to make my life a little bit better by not stressing out so much all the time and learn to appreciate my surroundings.

What do you do to zen out? Let me know in the comments!

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