Hiatus and Pressing the Restart Button

2:12 PM

I love this blog. It's what I've finally wanted to do with a blog for the first time in forever. With that being said I feel like it's not focused on what I really want to say and like I'm playing an endless game of catch up when I do have time to focus on it.

I also work retail and it's about to become really crazy busy because of the holiday season.

So, I'm going to take a few months off of the blogging thing, refocus everything, and come back swinging and more consistent. I know this sounds very vague but it's mainly a mental health reason. I can't do all the normal work that pays the bills and then come home and not do the passion work. I want to do both and I just have to find that great balance of everything.

One day there will be that great balance of wanting to everything I want to at once, and hopefully, I can do that start of next year.

I will be on my normal social media things and be posting occasionally when I can.

So until January guys!

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