Productivity: I'm starting KonMari!

12:00 PM

Back in March, I bought The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, or that awesome minimalist, get your life straight, and organize your life book.

Like all of my impulse, stress book buying, I put the book on a shelf for future Lydia to deal with when I later unpacked all of my stuff. Since moving up to Michigan, almost a year ago, I finally finished unpacking all of my belongings a few weeks ago. The somewhat finality of actually having all my stuff out of boxes prompted me to the aforementioned book off my new bookshelf and actually practice what I want to preach and embark on this journey. 

When I started, a lot of what I was reading clicked in my head. Of course, I want to visualize the end result of what I want out of there. Yes, I want to declutter and downsize to just exactly what I need, and everything that Marie Kondo was saying I was wholeheartedly agreeing with. 

The trick is now, how am I going to successfully incorporate this.

I have always learned from visuals and lists, so first, I Googled if there was a KonMari (the shorthand name for what this method is called) list of some sorts. Luckily, there is an official app that you can use and connect with others as a supportive checklist for getting your tasks accomplished. 

The app just dropped in the Apple app store at the beginning of August, and it looks wonderful. I'm excited that it's a thing. Unfortunately, I started my method of executing it before I found out that the app dropped. It works for me and it is kind of like a weird old studying habit that I impose on things that I'm going to continue to do in conjunction with the app.

So, here's what I've started doing, I've been making my own little journal and notes from the book to best suit my way of learning something new without ruining the integrity of the whole program. Kondo explains that there are no shortcuts to accomplish what you want to achieve from this. 

Here are few of the pages in my little journal of how I'm taking notes and quotes from the book that I'm really taking to heart.

My aim from all of this is to do weekly updates here and share my progress and frustrations of what this journey is going to entail and hopefully reach a zen full peace.

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