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The past couple of months have not been kind to me lately, and I'm tired of it. To combat this feeling of yuck, I have dived head first into trying to be more healthy and get a great routine down. While going down this path, for what seems like the millionth time, I know it's hard to not turn to food or some other vice and ruin all that great progress that I am making. So, in my continued efforts of being balanced and healthy, I'm starting with food. I want to find a better comfort food that will not only be healthy, but familiar and not cut any of the good stuff out either.

This week I'm going start with my personal favorite: Chicken and Potatoes.

I have had a love affair with potatoes since I was really little. There's even a running joke with me and my Grandma where she will say that I have "potato eyes". "Potato Eyes" are where I would normally avoid whatever was on my plate and only eat whatever form the potatoes took on my plate and of course eat more than I should of them.In this instance, I am going to restrain myself and change it up for the health factor.

To combat the unhealthy factor, I'm going to highlight my new found love in red potatoes. Also they're really, really

Red potatoes are better than the other kind of potatoes because they have a good amount of Vitamin B6, which helps increase your serotonin levels.

I'm not going to do anything fancy with this recipe, I leave all the fancy stuff to my boyfriend because his cooking skills are far superior to mine.

Let's start!

Things you will need:
-A skillet big enough to cook your chicken (You can grill the chicken if you want)
-A medium sized roasting pan

-1lbs. of raw chicken tenders
-1 small bundle of asparagus
-1 3lbs. bag of red potatoes
-Cracked black pepper
-Sea salt
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Cooking Spray (Optional)

Easy so far right? Now time for the assembly!

1) First, pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. This is how we're going to cook the potatoes and asparagus.

2) Next, you're going to prep everything! This saves more time than this dish takes to make. For the chicken tenders, you can either leave them as is, or if you're like me, cut the tenders into bite sized pieces. They can be big bites, small bites, whatever size you want them to be, just make sure they are even! The more even they are, the better they will cook.

Now, set those aside, and grab your potatoes clean them and quarter them. Make sure everything is cut evenly because this will save cook time and over cooking of the pieces that are already cooked well. Asparagus is easy to prep, just clean it and cut the ends off.

3) Now that everything is prepped, we are going to grease our roasting pan by whatever way you like to do that. I like to use extra vigrin olive oil to rub around the surface of the pan. It's better than using a cooking spray, so you can avoid the aresol issue and whatever weird stuff they put in it. While greasing or even prepping, heat your oven to 400 degrees. You are also going to cook at this temperature as well.

4) Once "greased", add your potatoes and asparagus to the pan. Then we are going to grab some more olive oil and drizzle a healthy amount to make sure all of the potatoes and asparagus are covered. This also helps the dispersing of the sea salt and black pepper easier to get to everything. When that is done, your oven should be ready for you to pop that in and cook for about 45 minutes.

5) Halfway through or almost to the end of cooking your veggies is a good time to start cooking your chicken. Again, you can "grease" your pan any way you want, I did the olive oil trick again once the pan was hot enough. Once the pan is hot enough, add your cubed pieces of chicken and just cook thouroughly.

If you want to apply other spices other than good old salt and pepper, do it! I'm just here as a guide post, unless you love salt and pepper like me. I am also know to add some Tony Cachere's to it too.

6) At this point, everything should be 100% cooked and ready to be thrown together. You can serve it separately or all together.

This particular recipe serves about 4 people and only 66 calories per person! Isn't that crazy? So, you can go for seconds or eat it as a light lunch!

If you like this recipe, or have your own version of chicken and potatoes you would like to share; feel free to tell me in the comments!


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