#BestThing This Week (4)

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#BestThing This Week is a weekly round-up of things I did that I found awesome. Sometimes this will just be a "travel" post or a new recipe that I gave a whirl at trying or again just something I found awesome!

This week comes in two parts! Part one is about something that happened about two weeks ago, only because of busy work schedules I haven't really gotten to go out and explore or find something neat.

Yet again, Neil and I did the epic date night. We were getting a little too stressed from work and just feeling blah, so we decided to go out and grab some food at one of our favorite spots, that's close to the house, One Eyed Betty's.

Normally, we get our standby of what was ever on the menu and the respected go-to beers, but the specials were a little too good to pass up this time.

The first thing that peaked our interest on the specials menu was the whiskey flight. I love whiskey, bourbon, scotch, anything that is in that family of amazing dark brown, or light brown, amazingness! The three that were included in our flight were: Bowman, Tatoosh, and Waitsburg.

We started from right to left with the Waitsburg. We weren't really given descriptions of what we were about to drink, but we excited nonetheless. The Waitsburg was easily my favorite of the three whiskeys we were given. It was very smooth and had a hint of vanilla that made the warmth of going down wonderful. Next, we had the Tatoosh, this one had the most amazing afterburn I have ever felt from a whiskey. I must be very sensitive to vanilla flavors in anything and again we did not know anything about these whiskeys ahead of time, but there were vanilla and other distinct whiskey flavors that were really great. Finally, there was the Bowman, this one you didn't even have to put the glass close to your nose or anything and you knew it was whiskey. It was very strong and wonderful. It was the kind of whiskey that you could taste not only all the awesome trademarks of a whiskey but even the barrel. I know there are other whiskeys that you can taste the barrel that they are aged in but this one was very prominent.

Of course, this was not the only thing we had, there was food involved as well! For our appetizer, we tried something new aside from our go to which is their AMAZING poutine. We decided upon the grilled octopus. I know what you're going to say, " Lydia! How could you eat your beloved octopus?" The same way I can eat all other meat that I enjoy. I know that it was killed for my consumption already and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Plus it was delicious and one of my favorite foods. It was paired with this really great tzatziki sauce that just enhanced the charred taste even more.

As we went on to our main courses, we ordered some good standby local beers to go with them. I continued with the theme of I need all of the specials in the world while Neil decided upon the "I liked that one sandwich last time we were here a lot," approach. I have been trying really hard to be on the healthy path, so I went for the Ahi Tuna Tacos. They were amazing! Seared perfectly and with the right amount of seasoning, they would have gone down really fast except that they had Jeopardy! on and I love that show with all my heart. Neil had the chicken sandwich they had and I can vouch for him that it was amazing as well.

I can't remember if we had dessert or not, because we were having a wonderful time destressing and enjoying each others company so much. The whole meal was safe to say great.

Now, part two! Earlier this week, Encore Michigan, a website that is dedicated to promoting and critiquing all of Michigan's wonderful professional theater community, held it's 15th annual Wilde Awards, which is an award ceremony celebrating the best of the best in the state. Normally, my beloved just works these events and then will either text me in the moment what's going on or just wait until the next day to retell the tales of the night. This year, however, aside from working the event, he was nominated and I got to tag along!

He was nominated in the Best Light Design category for the truly amazing one man show by Eric Gutman called "From Broadway to Obscurity." Alas, he didn't win because there was a lot of musicals in the category, but it was great to celebrate him that night and the others around us. "From Broadway to Obscurity" did win the best one man show category, so there's something to hang a hat on.

All-in-all, a great couple of weeks were had despite a few hiccups.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments.

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