#OOTW: Fall Transition Comfort

12:08 PM

I love it when the weather is about to turn into that wonderful season, that makes me happy, called fall. It's going to be my first actual fall experience since moving from Texas, and I can not contain my excitement anymore and I'm definitely showing it in my wardrobe already!

It's hard to tell in the picture, but olives, browns, reds, and blacks are my go to comfy colors for any time of the year. but especially fall. I wanted to put together something that is very effortless and so comfy that people will think I took forever to put it together.

Layering is a great go to in the fall and it's always nice to change it up. I've paired an olive vest on top of one of my favorite flannels and a black tank top. Flannel is one of my treasured comfort fabrics because it's like wearing a little bit of blanket that just gets me into the fall mood even more. This paired with a vest with such large lapels adds to the comfort level of having multiple layers and being oversized but not at the same time. This particular vest is also able to cinch at the waist, via rope drawstrings, if you do want it to be too flowy.

To keep the comfort factor going I chose black leggings for my bottoms. This look would also look great with a distressed or non-distressed, dark wash blue jean as well, but I'm really into leggings for when I'm not feeling my best and do not want to be too constricting on my mid-section. As for shoes, I'm so excited to bring out my amazing brown, quilted ankle boots! These have such a high comfort level it's crazy. I'm currently on the look out for a new pair because I have worn these so much that the love for them is starting to show. Either these or your favorite ankle boot would look great with something like this because it is definitely getting the message across that you are ready for fall without jumping full force into it.

 As for accessories, I've kept it to just some simple pieces that add a touch of whimsy, but still within my style.  My cat-face hair barrette is currently one of my go to pieces for my hair. I will just pull back my bangs and clip them back with them just to keep up with the effortlessness I'm going for. With the addition of a watch and a simple bangle bracelet to layer on my wrists, it has that pop of gold that is subtly going through the trend. I also have a gold pendant necklace, so it again adds to that pop of gold throughout the outfit.

 And here's the final product (Excuse my messy room and the fact that I am working on my iPhone. Working through baby steps over here.)! With my buckle crossbody, I am ready to take on the day!

If you love this outfit, or want to share your favorite fall transition look let me know in the comments!

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