#BestThing This Week (3)

8:30 AM

#BestThing This Week is a weekly round up of things I did that I found awesome. Sometimes this will just be a "travel" post or a new recipe that I gave a whirl at trying or again just something I found awesome!

This week Neil and I went to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. For those who don't know what it is, it's this amazing, epic farmer's market that's been around for 100+ years. Neil has been more than several times, but this time it was my turn.

 Last weekend we planned to absolutely nothing, but it came up for some reason to want to go there, get some awesome produce and have a nice Sunday out together. So, we look up to see if it was open and nothing else. Lucky us it was open on Sunday!

We slept in, got dressed, I gathered my little backpack of things and extra bags because I was on a mission to get some produce and fun things, and then hailed an Uber to go out and explore!

(Side note: I just remembered half way writing this post [Because it's about to come into play] that we wanted to get sausage sandwiches that you can only get at this fish market over there. I saw them on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods America awhile back. So, that was the whole reason we went and because I thought farmer's market, might as well get produce and other goodies too!)

When we arrived, it was such a nice day on Sunday. The weather was nice and not to hot or anything. We came across this amazing beignet food truck and kept it in the back of our head to come back to that on our way back from getting the epic sandwiches! So, our trek through the pavilions began and it took us until the second pavilion to realize: it's craft day.

Mind you, the booths these very talented people, in most cases, had were filled with great and cute things, but they didn't have all the food and other edible treasures my heart desired. Nonetheless we prevailed to the fish market to get this sandwich! Finally we get there and of course, it being Sunday, was closed. I was little bummed, but it was okay there was a coney island (a diner to peeps thinking it was a place that solely sold coneys, I used to think that too, there are those places to but this was not that) across the way. Before ingesting food from the coney island, we perused the general store that we thought was an antique store (that was also closed; darn Sundays!) and I purchased puffed quinoa and I swear that is my new way of eating that!

After we grabbed lunch, we went into stores that were opened on the way back and one of them was the Detroit vs Everyone store. I was in need of a new Detroit shirt, and as a transplant I feel very loving towards my new home and I want to share it and shout it out loud everywhere! There were so many choices to choose from that had the iconic saying created by Tommey Walker. I just settled with my awesome grey and black version, but there was a old school Lions jersey inspired one that I still have my eye on and will one day own!

With my new shirt in tow, courtesy of my love, we headed back to the beignet truck and being a loyalist to my Cafe du Monde and people I know who make them old school, these were REALLY good. A little too much powder sugar for my taste but they were still light and fluffy.

Then homeward bound to continue to do nothing.

One day I will have a proper experience at Eastern, sausage sandwiches and all! One day.

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