5:26 PM

Finally! I have time to give some love to my poor baby of a blog.

Of course like always, as soon as I get a project rolling something decides to pop-up and get in the way of progress! My boss had a baby, who is so cute and tiny and you want to cuddle her hardcore, so of course that meant that I had to take on a weird work load that just took a lot out of me.

Now that is done and it's nothing but smooth sailing and summer loving from here on out.

Oh, yeah, I know about Hank and he is love!


1) I finally ordered some more yarn from Jo-Ann's, and by mid-July my poor blanket that I started to knit back in February should be complete! I can't wait to show you the final result! It's so pretty and plush!

2) Adapting to a new version of summer has been a little weird for me. The transition from a Texas summer where it's literally 90+ degrees from 7 in the morning to 3 in the morning the next day to where it can be 68 at 7 am and then gradually get to that 90 (if it does) later in the day is so weird. That being said, I have had to invest in a new summer wardrobe where I am showing some leg and embracing sandals. I will post some stuff soon of all my different combos and new trends that I'm in love with.

3) Sadly, I have pulled the plug on my book blog of 7 years. It really just came down to not having anytime to read at the pace I needed to read books at to get those posts up and then things like what happened with this blog kept coming up a little too often. I will keep the blog up for nostalgia reasons or if you want to read about things I read.

I think that's it! Get ready teamsters because now we are just getting started!

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