Welcome! (The First Post)

7:00 AM

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog!

This blog is a little different than my other two where I talk about books and my life where I don't have the patience for a social media character limit. This is my foray into the "lifestyle" blog game. 

From what I gather from the handful of those blogs that I do follow, the landscape of them are about style, food, crafting, etc, and that's cool. My thing is that I like to do everything! I don't know if it's a form of ADD (It probably is) or the value of being a well-rounded person that my mother instilled in me forever ago and it still is ingrained in my being (It's probably both of these things now that I write it out), but I felt like sharing my interests. There will be things all throughout that you may or may not like and that's okay! That's what the Internet is for! Go find someone else!

To just get it off my chest and out of the open: Yes, a lot of this blog will be me being inspired by Pintrest at first. Everyone needs a jumping off point and a source of inspiration and mine right now is that, but of course it will have my twist on things because modification is key (Unless you like whatever you're doing to the exact T, so go you!)!

Now, I feel like I should explain the title that I chose. I recently read this amazing book by Sy Montgomery called "The Soul of an Octopus" and it's about her different interactions with octopuses (That is the proper pluralization. Tell your friends) and learning all these different things about them but also drawing parallels with animals that we do know a lot of things about to them which we really don't know a lot about their personalities and why and all these deep introspective things that were amazing to explore. So, drawing from this I felt compelled to name this blog "Your Inner Octopus" because through all my different interests and sometimes we may go deep into things, also octopuses are my second favorite animal next to meerkats.

I can't wait to be in the full swing of things soon, and you enjoy what I share on here!

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  1. I absolutely love the design of this one, Yay for Octopuses (I always thought it was Octopi, I'm such a disgrace xD) Still need to learn how to knit and crochet >.>

    Can't find how to follow you on here though ._.

    1. Thanks so much! It too so much effort for this one to be just perfect! I think Blogger took away the old followers block when they started modifying the way they do blogrolls and what not, but I did just remember to add the email widget, so my posts can come to your email. =)