Productive Weekends: Evernote

8:00 AM

I LOVE being productive and I'm also a huge app lover. Any combination of these two things helping me get my goals done I'm all on board for this. One of my favorite apps to use is Evernote. If you have never used this application before whether it be on your computer, tablet, or web browser it is the best to keep things organized.

I generally use the Evernote app on my phone/tablet and the web clipper plug-in that you can use on a majority of browsers. There I will accumulate what ever project I am working on and put them into their little notebooks to save for later. It's like Pinterest, but you can save all those links you heart over there and have an easier access to the actual web pages themselves. It's so neat.

If you have ever wandered around the Microsoft version of this, OneNote you will see similarities abound. From the aforementioned notebooks to the ability to tag pages to being also able to make you're own notes on the pages that you save/send to Evernote. The differences are very noticeable between the two and this is why I prefer Evernote to OneNote.

 Evernote has multi-app integration within it's family of apps. My personal favorite is Evernote Scannable. Even though I have embraced my technological overlords and have given into the mobile device world, I still love writing everything down especially when I am crafting. I have to translate it into Lydia speak and then go from there, but I don't like being weighed down by my 20 million notebooks full of my scribbles. This is where Scannable comes into play. I can take a picture of whatever I wrote down, it then scans it into the Evernote cloud system, and from there I can bring it over into my Evernote app and have it there waiting for me to use when I'm on the go and I brought my project along with me.

I could go on and on about this app, but I believe that if you like my snippets of what I like about it go try it for yourself. It's free and now has a premium option available for being able to have more space and use some of their more advanced features I have not had the pleasure of diving into yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years.

(All of the above mentioned Evernote things can be found here.)

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