#OotW/Beauty Haul: Comfy Casual and LUSH

10:04 AM

One of my favorite things to do when I know that I can go down an evil rabbit hole of wasting time, I love to search the hashtag #OOTD on Instagram. I love everyone's outfits that make them feel their best self no matter what the outfit. I wanted to do my own version of it where I just show what I'm digging the most for the week. I don't have time to show off everyday, but on a weekly basis I think that's manageable. =)

This week I'm going to show you my most favorite go to everyday outfit that is comfy and functional.

I love this outfit because it makes me feel like I finally after 26 years on this earth that I finally found my perfect balance of things that I love. It also shows that pieces that I've had for awhile are still trendy enough to mix and match with some of my newer things as well.

As for my beauty haul, I got a LUSH gift card for my birthday and decided to go a little crazy! I went online in search of some facial products because I am trying to decide what will work for my bad combination skin. I know there's a LUSH finally near me, but I go out in the direction it's in not as often as I want and by the time it got here would have been around the time I could have went to the store and back.

The products I decided upon are pretty awesome and I'm loving them so far:

1) Scrub. I picked the Dark Angels scrub mainly because I've been meaning to find a good sugar scrub that doesn't dry my face out and so far this has been perfect. It's a charcoal mud cleanser that has sugar crystals in it. The combination of the mud and sugar feels amazing. When you open it up be careful because it is one piece of mud that you have to break off little pieces to wet and work with. I use a small little crumble of a piece to get the job done for my face and, since it's also a body scrub, a little bit larger piece to use in the shower. I prefer it as a face scrub more than a body scrub only because it's easier to lather for your face than body.

2) Toner. Because of my oily face, I need to make sure that all of the elements don't make my skin way worse than it already is. This Tea Tree Water is so amazing! It doesn't dry out my skin to much because it's alcohol free and feels/smells amazing on my skin. If I want a hard core clean I will spray it liberally on a cotton pad to wipe away my grossness. If I'm running out the door I will just spritz some on and that's it!

3) Moisturizer. I'm outside all the time, and I am coming to realize that a good moisturizer is not the enemy no matter how long I have held out on that. Imperialis is such a great intro to getting your face all hydrated. I first picked it because it has two of my favorite scents in the world in it: lavender and orange blossom (which are not heavy at all!), but putting a little bit on my skin every morning has made a huge difference on my face. You can use it as a make up primer as well and because I do not use liquid foundation this is perfect as a 2-in-1!

You can find my beauty haul products over at the LUSH website and all of my #OOTW are a combination of pieces from Francesca's and Charming Charlie, but feel free to be inspired and make your own comfy layered look and share with me on here, Facebook, or Instagram!

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