Fitness: My Routine

1:50 PM

It's Spring for the majority of the people out there, my area currently doesn't know what is happening (it's supposed to snow soon...again.). This means dusting off your workout shoes, find your favorite workout outfit, and get physical!

I try to workout as much as I can year round, but with my recent move and becoming acclimated to my new surroundings it was kind of hard to do. Now I'm excited to get back into my habits to be a more healthy and happy me!

I workout because mainly my mental health and back problems. When I'm out and about and getting those great endorphins that exercise provides it makes my head space a lot clearer and not so cluttered. In addition to that, when I gain weight it decides to rest right around my lower back which, even without the additional weight, causes me a lot of issues that I don't want to deal with. So with the lack of that extra cushion around there it helps a LOT!

I'd thought I'd share my routine that I do when I have time to do it; which I'm trying to get it to be a daily habit but the day structuring is slowly but surely going.

1) Walking. I start by doing a long walk. I love that I finally live in an area where it's acceptable to walk in your neighborhood and just enjoy everything. Where I used to live you would have to drive to either a gym or a walking trail to do anything acceptable exercise wise unless you are into the home workouts which you will see I am, but it stems from that. Walking is a great start to anything relating to a journey to a healthier you. You can do this at any speed you want and you can up it to where you can feel confident enough to build it up to running (I'm doing this!).

2) Yoga. Depending on the day, I shuffle this around to work for me. I prefer to wake up and do a morning routine, but sometimes that doesn't happen, so I will move it to when I have time and do a routine that is best suited to what my body is up to. I love that yoga has been becoming more and more accessible to everyone where you don't even have to buy DVDs or go to classes if you don't want to. I do a combination of everything available but my favorite is anything that Gaiam puts out. They are affordable and make doing yoga at home really great even for beginners. When I did go to classes I felt like I knew enough to where all the teacher had to do was just tweak my poses a bit, it was great. I am currently using Gaiam's Yoga Studio app which you can purchase in the Windows Store or the Apple App Store for only $5, but it's a one time purchase and you get ALL these different classes and pose practices to where you can do their presets or make your own. It's amazing.

3) Sworkit. This is a circuit exercise app that I've been using for a couple of years. It's really great, until I re-downloaded it and realized even though I paid the $2 for their Pro version back then they have made it a subscription thing, but that's another story for another day. Luckily it's the same great app that has the same great features of having a timed circuit workout. You can work on strength, cardio, yoga, and different stretches. I do the cardio. It's my favorite.

Any combination of these three is what I like to do and what works for me. I'm not a gym person that much because if I even do go, I am just on the elliptical for an hour because that's my favorite machine. Also too many judgy people.

Feel free to try any of these things or share what you like to do to get your fitness in check!

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