Fitness: My Gear

8:00 AM

Last week was all about the routine, now I will let you know what gear I currently use to get my fitness on!

For my yoga practicing I use Gaiam's comfy yoga mats. I have this awesome purple one. When I was searching for a link to show you if you wanted to get it, they don't make my pattern anymore, but any mat you choose will be amazing!. They are so comfy and easy to clean after a hardcore yoga session. It's about the standard size for a yoga mat and is made out of a great cushy foam for when, if you are like me, have those days where your body just wants to be comf. I also use it as a workout mat for my less intense routines (sit-ups, stretches, ab workouts, etc.), so if it's a not a yoga day I can still have a comfortable workout.

A couple of other items that I use for my yoga practice are Gaiam's block and the 3-in-1 strap. (If you can't tell already: I'm OBSESSED with Gaiam's products. They are just really great, amazing, and actually really affordable as far as yoga equipment is concerned.) I love the 3-in-1 strap because it functions as a resistance band, a strap to deepen stretches during your yoga practice, and it carries your mat too! As for the block, it's a great piece of foam that helps you out very well during poses that you can't follow through 100%, like needing to touch the floor, but can't and you want to be able to do the pose well and other things like that. I use mine to help keep my legs squared correctly in certain poses because my legs have a tendency to want to be together at the weirdest times not allowing me to get a good pose in.

From yoga to my most frequented form of exercise: walking/running. The key to a good walk/run is having great shoes on your feet. The level of comfort and purpose of the shoes you choose is important because you don't want to end up injured or anything like that. I have had my shoes for awhile now because before now I was a very infrequent participant of this, but now that I am doing it more often, I'm so glad I have the shoes I have. My Nike's are so comfy and perfect for the things I use them for I'm scared for the day I have to get new ones.

 This is my normal workout outfit: Just my loose airy purple shirt and my matching pants. I like a little bit of a fit to where things aren't too loose for the level of activity I put out but still tight enough that people aren't looking at things they shouldn't look at.

Finally, I own a FitBit and it is the greatest exercise tracking device I've ever owned. I hate that with my new fancy smartphone that tracks all the things that I HAVE to have my phone with me all the time to track anything. Since I can't have my phone out at work and I work retail, my FitBit is perfect for that kind of thing where I can track all my movement and not be glued to my phone for every tracking thing. It's great. I personally have the FitBit Flex because it's not too gaudy, does the things I need it to do, and doesn't have a flashy display to distract everyone. Also, I can change the band colors out when I want to and it's not that expensive.

That's all I got. It's not too much but it is a great foundation to have a healthy, active lifestyle. Let me know what kind of gear you have for your ways to get fit!

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