#BestThing This Week (1)

9:11 AM

#BestThing This Week is a weekly round up of things I did that I found awesome. Sometimes this will just be a "travel" post or a new recipe that I gave a whirl at trying or again just something I found awesome!

This week, my boyfriend, Neil, and I actually got to do some date related things. We are lazy people who work a LOT, so it's nice when we can get out of the house and not go to the small radius of stand-bys that we call our comfort zone (Traveling to work and back does not count!).

On Wednesday, there was the work thing on my end of the spectrum, but afterwards we traveled into the wonderful metropolis of midtown Detroit to go see "If/Then". It was traveling through and Neil was able to score some tickets so why not go? The best part was that I got to see Anthony Rapp perform! I had no idea that he would be in the touring cast but there he was in his amazing glory! It was truly a dream come true.

Then on Thursday, we saw the Detroit Public Theatre's production of "Sex with Strangers". It was ending so we decided to and support local things that he also happens to help out/work with. I thought it very good, and it was an interesting take on a modern love story.

As for the food portion of this post, Easter was this past Sunday and we kind of celebrate it, and our contribution to Easter activities were of course FOOD! Neil made the most amazing lamb on the grill and rice pilaf side dish ever! I highly recommend trying it out if you have the time and what not to do this because it was so tasty! You can go here and here for the recipes respectively.

Until next week!

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