Beauty: My Easy Make-Up Routine

3:31 PM

No outfit today guys, but a make-up tutorial! This is my go-to simple look for everyday needs. It's very natural and not too much either. 

WARNING! You are about to see my face in the most unflattering way: no make-up. I'm sorry. I also took these pictures after I woke up and was getting ready for work, so, again, I'm sorry. =) (Also lighting is shit in this house so there will be some weird shadows, I am working on it.)

So here is clean slate scary face.

 This is my face post wash and moisturizer. Since my moisturizer doubles as a primer it's a perfect foundation for applying my makeup. Speaking of foundation, I really don't use it. I don't like the way it feels on my face, but I will sometimes use a loose powder depending on what my face is up to.

My palette of choice is the Urban Decay NAKED: Smoky. I love their normal NAKED palettes but the Smoky one can let me play with different things while still having my favorite browns from their others, but that's another post for another time. For my look, I mainly use a combination of six colors: Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen, High, Dirtysweet, and Radar. If you don't like the price tag of this palette, CoverGirl has recently come out with their new TruNaked palette collection. It's pretty awesome and they have a lot of great pigments to choose from. To replicate what I'm doing, I suggest either the Nudes or the Golden one depending on your skin tone to get the best results

These give a great depth of natural shadowing that I love since the area around my eye is naturally dark, this just makes it more smooth and not as harsh. 

Now it's time to apply, but first my eyebrow trick! I always start with my eyebrows because the way I do it I can blend a lighter shade of eyeshadow into the coloring to lighten them up if needed. This is why: I HATE eyebrow pencils and the such. I don't know if it's because I haven't found the right product yet or what, but they hate me and I look like I had a five year old paint them on me. So, I started playing around with matte eyeshadows and lightly blending them into my eyebrows and the result is pretty decent and no one knows, except my sister because she uses the other stuff and can tell. 

So, I take the crease side of the brush and get enough of the Whiskey pigment on there to cover the top of the brush. From there I follow the natural arch of my eyebrow and shade it in lightly. This took some practice because my eyebrows have the weirdest non-symmetrical arches ever and at first I treated them the same before I remembered this fact. No matter how you groom them, the natural arch in the right one will always be higher. ><

From there, I go to the other side of the brush that has the blender on it. I continue with the Whiskey color and brush it on my eyelid. 

Next, still with the blending side, I apply Combust on the crease of my lid to give it a little lighter shade because I'm going to create a gradient with my browns.

To finish the eyeshadow portion of my look, I add Thirteen as a highlighter under my brow and into the point of my eye. After that is added, and if it's not already, blend it together where it doesn't look so defined but not blended to where you can't see the demarcation of each of the colors.

Now comes the hard part for me, especially if I'm tired: eyeliner and mascara!

My weapons of choice: Almay's normal black eyeliner and Maybeline's Volum' Express Falsies Flared Waterproof in Very Black these are my crack staples. If I didn't want to do the whole eyeshadow thing and just wanted to look awake I would just do this.

Apply the eyeliner on the inside of the lower lid, then just a little bit on the outer corner on the top lid, and to really highlight the corner a bit I will add a little bit of the eyeliner under the lid too.

And the final thing to apply to the eyes: mascara!!! I add it only to half of my lashes on top to enhance even further the corners I've created and then fully cover the bottom, but not too much because I have the eyeliner there.

The last and only other thing I do to my face is add lipstick, my current go to is NARS Catfight semi-matte lipstick! It's such a great lipstick that I'm obsessed with, plus it has a cool name! If you have light pink lips like mine, this color is a great enhancer for that.

And the final product!!!

Altogether this takes me less than 20 minutes to put together, and that's it!

Share your simple easy way you get ready with your war paint in the comments!

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